Sovereign Suites Limuru Rooms

Junior Suite – Junior Suites at Sovereign Suites Limuru are spacious rooms with carefully designed décor that makes these rooms an intimate oasis of relaxation. Located in a serene secluded surrounding.

Family Suite – Rooms at Sovereign Suites Limuru   located in a private location ideal for families with stunning views of the gardens. Family Suites are 88sqm.

Pent House Suite – This Room at Sovereign Suites Limuru has a sophisticated design and stylish touches that allows guests to relax the way you want with flexible spaces which offers the guests elegance and comfort. Pent House Suites are 85sqm.

Presidential Suite – The elegantly proportioned bedrooms have features that include spacious living rooms with luxurious furnishings and a private balcony. The elegant entrance foyer has an impressive tapestry and connects each suite. Includes of Executive working area. The Presidential Suite at Sovereign Suites Limuru is 125sqm