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10 photos of Lamu that will have you booking the next flight

If you have not been to Lamu, I envy you. You have something to look forward to. Here are some pictures to stir up your imagination and get you booking your flight for the next escape.

The Arrival

This is the fastest airport check out you will ever experience. It will take you less than 5 minutes from the time you disembark from the flight to walking out of the airport doors. The parking lot does not have a single vehicle, just a few mikokoteni (hand carts) . Forget the city traffic and fumes. Welcome to the land of boats and fresh air.

Photo from Lamu Tourism Association

The Beauty

As you cruise in your boat, You will not fail to notice the beauty of this lovely island. Houses next to the beach and boats every where. Can you picture the view from the hotel room?

Photo from Majlis Hotel

The Hotel

The hotels in Lamu are nothing short of spectacular. The simplicity and complexity of the blend of traditional swahili and modern architecture will draw you in. There is just a good feeling of being somewhere different, somewhere you are sure you don’t want to leave soon.

The Beach

If there is one place in Kenya where you get to fully enjoy being on the beach, it’s Lamu. No one will bother you or try to sell you something. Grab your sun glasses and your sun screen and go relax and unwind and just be you!

The People

For you to fully appreciate the beauty of Lamu, you will need to get to know The People. Let them tell you the fun things to do, places to hung out and the culture of the people.

The Donkeys

You will see them upcountry and ignore them. In Lamu you can not ignore them. They are a part of the culture here and you must treat them with the utmost respect.

Photo From Majlis Hotel

The Hotel Rooms

“Different” is the best word to describe the hotel rooms in Lamu. It’s hard to just find an ordinary hotel room. Style and uniqueness oozes out of the rooms from the bathroom, the bed, to the balcony. Get ready for a great experience.

The Sunset Dhow Cruise

This is one awesome magical experience that should not slip through your fingers. Spot a good Captain then get your boat packed with the right friends and drinks and head out to the deep blue sea and watch the sunset 🙂

The Old Town

Visit Lamu Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and let your guide give you a history lesson. See and appreciate a way of life that has not changed for centuries.

The Good Bye

After you have been in Lamu for 48 hrs, you can decide to say good bye, extend your stay, or plan to relocate. Whichever option you settle on, you will never regret the Lamu Experience.

Best hotels to stay in Lamu

If you are already planing on going to Lamu here are the hotels you should be looking at.

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