Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are the modes of payment I can use?

How can I see how much the hotel room costs?

What’s the meaning of PPS?

Per person sharing (PPS) refers to the price per person sharing a room with another person.

Do i have to pay you up front for my vacation?

How much do I tip?

  • Drivers
  • Porters
  • Housekeepers
  • Waiters – Waiters usually expect 10% of the bill to be offered as a tip

How many types of hotel Meal plans are there?

  • Room only (RO) – This refers to the price of accommodations in a hotel or guest house that does not include the cost of food.
  • Bed and breakfast (BB) – This is where guests are provided with overnight accommodations and served breakfast but usually no other meals.
  • Half-board (HB) – This is a hotel rate that includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner only, drinks or snacks will cost you extra.
  • Full-board (FB) – This is a hotel rate that includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner but any drinks or snacks will cost you extra.
  • All inclusive (AI) – An all-inclusive meal plan includes a minimum of three meals daily, drinks and other services in the price.
  • Self Catering (SC) – This is where you have to make your own meals, but the hotel provides you with basic kitchen facilities such as a cooker, microwave and other necessary Kitchenettes.

Top six modes of safari tourist transport in Kenya

  • Overland Trucks
  • Land Cruising
  • Open Game-Viewing Vehicles
  • Hot air balloon


How much luggage am I allowed to take on my trip?

  • International Flights –
  • Local Flights –

What time should I be at the airport?

  • International Flights –
  • Local Flights –

What are the different hotel room types?

  • A Single – This is used when 1-2 people are travelling as the bedding configuration is normally one bed.
  • Double Room – This room assigned to two people, it may have one or more beds.
  • Twin Room – This is used when 2 people are travelling however the room normally has 2 beds.
  • Triple Room – This rooms are equipped with one king size bed and a single bed, or with three single beds.
  • Quad – This room is usually assigned to four people, it may have two or more beds.
  • Queen – This is a room with a queen-sized bed, it may be occupied by one or more people.
  • King – This is a room with a King-sized bed, it may be occupied by one or more people.
  • Double-double
  • Studio
  • Suite / Executive Suite
  • Mini Suite or Junior Suite
  • President Suite | Presidential Suite
  • Apartments / Room for Extended Stay
  • Connecting rooms
  • Accessible Room / Disabled Room
  • Smoking / Non-Smoking Room
  • Adjacent rooms
  • Villa
  • Executive Floor/Floored Room