Mombasa Hotels

Mombasa is located in the Indian Ocean, with breathtaking white sandy beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, and awesome beachfront hotels. Welcome to the land of watersports, golfing and perfect place to cool off after a Kenya safari. Mombasa hotels are great holiday spots for both couples and families. Come enjoy the Swahili culture and the Kenyan warmth.

Top Mombasa Beach Hotels

Mombasa Kenya

Despite the fact that Mombasa has been deemed the “Kenyan Coast” and home to the numerous Mombasa Hotels she has her charms. She will draw you in with seductive temperatures and lingering breezes. Then drown you in welcoming smiles and hospitable embraces. Mombasa is all about art, culture, tradition, and religion and all these aspects have made a very major impact on the people of the Kenyan coast. With art being not just a form of expression but a language and it is viewed both a skill and a divine calling.

Travel to the second-largest city in Kenya, the East African business hub, the city of dreams and battles, salt and spice, of sea ferrying, of poetry and of loads and loads of traders from far and beyond. Mombasa town is crowned by some of the best Mombasa hotels that are well known for some of the best hospitality standards in the whole of Africa.

The city nicknamed ‘Kisiwa Cha Mvita’ meaning ‘The Island of War’ has vast interesting and pompous faces.

Mombasa is the city where life never comes to an end and the night is more active than the day. Enjoy the nightlife of Mombasa by visiting some of the modern clubs that are situated along the busy roads and centers. Being the regional tourism center and also bearing a large port and an international airport, Mombasa is a hive of activities.

Mombasa’s Moi International airport is just a 45minute plane ride away from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi; by road, Mombasa is 8hours away from Nairobi. Most of the Mombasa Beach Hotels are less than 30 minutes’ drive from the Mombasa City center.

This can be viewed in whichever place you will stay in Mombasa. There are a lot of fun things you can do in Mombasa; Take a ride on a Swahili Dhow or Jahazi where you will drink the most delicious tropical cocktails while you cruise down the coastline just as it was done in the olden days, before the coming of speedboats and cruise liners.  Visit the renowned Forte Jesus; a place so rich in history that it is said if you listen carefully you can hear the cries of the African slaves before they left their homeland and never to return.

If you are one for the nightlife, Mombasa hotels have something for you too, the clubs and casinos will give a new meaning to “party till the sun comes up”. You can avoid the crowded beaches by getting your hands on our Mombasa holiday packages that are offered. This will allow you to get the most of Mombasa at an affordable rate.

You can hire a boat and go out to sea, take a walk in the old town, encounter the nature trail and get a taste of the sun as it kisses the ground good night.

The Best Mombasa Hotels: Where to stay in Mombasa

It’s important to understand the map of Mombasa in order to decide on which Mombasa Hotels you would want to stay in. On the Main Island, there are a good number of Mombasa town hotels most of them are not on the beachfront. For most people going to Mombasa the allure of the beach is too strong. Everyone wants to stay in a beachfront Mombasa hotel.

Most Mombasa hotels that have a beachfront are in the areas below;

  • Nyali Beach
  • Bamburi Beach
  • Shanzu Beach

Mombasa Hotels in Nyali Beach

Nyali beach is the closest beach to Mombasa Mainland. It’s a busy beach with a hand of Mombasa Hotels. Some of the best Mombasa hotels in the Nyali area include;

If you intend to stay in a Mombasa hotel near the Nyali area and you are not ready to experiment on the service being offered, go to Voyager Beach Resort. It’s an all-inclusive Mombasa hotel that has a vibrant kids club and a good number of pools for Adults.  The Nyali area is a high traffic area. It’s ideal for those who want to experience the Mombasa way of life.

Mombasa Hotels in Bamburi

Bamburi Beach is about 25 minutes drive from the Moi International Airport. This is a more serene area of Mombasa and it has some awesome Mombasa hotels.  Some of the popular hotels in this area include;

Sarova White Sands Beach Resort and Spa have over the years proved to be a favorite Mombasa hotel for many in this part of Mombasa. Travellers Beach Hotel is equally good and worth consideration for anyone looking to compare the two Mombasa hotels.

Mombasa Hotels in Shanzu

Further away from Mombasa Island is Shanzu beach. If you are looking for a quiet place in Mombasa, Shanzu beach is the place to go.  Shazu beach has a good number of high-end Mombasa hotels. Some of the hotels include;

The three main Mombasa hotels worth considering in the Shazu area are Serena Beach Resort & Spa, Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort and Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa. The Shanzu area is a great place for honeymooners and families.

Things to do in Mombasa


Visit the Bombolulu Workshops which are popular attractions for tourists who love jewelry, wood and leather crafts and textiles.


Hindu Temples are a sight to behold in the Coast region and thus attributes to cultural diversity. Here you will be able to view idols, artifacts, pictures, and cultural paintings.

Mtwapa Creek

Filled with beautiful vegetation and small marinas, this Indian Ocean inlet is a sight to behold famous for bird watching,  biking tours along and around the creeks and also serves as the starting point for trips fro deep fishing.

Nyali Theatre

Visit the theatre that showcases Hollywood and Bollywood new releases at a fee. The same roof houses a casino with a bowling alley and an Italian Restaurant.

Dhow Safaris

Take a dhow (traditional Arab sailing ship),  ride to Funzi Island and explore the River Mangroves by canoe for lots of birdlife up close and crocodiles. Take a shower at a magical sandbank in the Ocean and feast on seafood and a lobster at Robinson Crusoe Island.